Manufacturers are great at making their product. Next, they need to sell their product. By using independent manufacturers reps, manufacturers can focus on their core competencies of making product. Did you know that the average tenure of a salesperson is 19 months? Whereas rep’s longevity is frequently measured in decades. Reps know their territory and their marketplace. Leave the selling to reps!

When you create a network of reps that have been through our Certified Professional Manufacturers Representatives  program (CPMR), you have the assurance that they are committed to creating a total quality sales and marketing firm. Serving their principals and mutual customers with high standards of professionalism is a mark of a company managed by a successful CPMR participant.

The CPMR designee has demonstrated the organizational management skills to participate in the demanding, three-year certification program while still maintaining day-to-day business. The CPMR-managed company has demonstrated continuity and stability in the past, and has taken proactive measures to assure it will continue into the future. They also understand the importance of providing solutions to customers by using synergies within their portfolio of lines on behalf of their principals. CPMR graduates subscribe to the stringent requirements of their common Code of Ethics, thus safeguarding the integrity of their firm and the factories they represent.

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