Resources for reps

MRERF provides many resources for both sides of the manufacturer and rep relationship. Our goal is to improve the relationship through professional development, awareness and communication.

To that effect, we have the following resources:

Outsourcing Field Sales is a good primer if you have an employee that does not yet understand what reps do (yes, it happens). You can also share with a new sales manager that is new to using reps.

To see the wide spectrum of services you provide click here for a spreadsheet of all the categories and accounts, which reps cover by the commissions they earn.

Interviewing Guidelines is a good conversation starter. Described by one user as “obnoxiously exhaustive” we believe it gets the ball rolling. Asking questions before entering the relationship helps you avoid some pitfalls. There is a whole page of questions to ASK and a whole page of questions to be prepared to ANSWER.

Passport Into The Territory is a tool for planning territory visits. We encourage a 30 day planning window. What customers? What purpose? Your rep firm is a cost-effective sales solution because your manufactures share the cost of sales with other manufacturers. As such, it is reasonable for them to expect that you will ask about other manufacturers while on a joint call. Because if you do NOT, it is not a cost-effective sales call. They can expect you to do the same when other syergistic factories visit you, thereby sharing time.

Planning The Business Year is an annual conversation starter. Our goals and priorities change, yet we do not always communicate them. This tool helps remind you that well-communicated goals are more likely to be reached.

If you have other tools that you would like, but cannot find, ask us!