Reasons to belong to MRERF

Associations that belong to MRERF bring extra value to their membership in the form of professional development opportunities that are specifically presented for reps, manufacturers and distributors. Your members want benefits that make a difference and programs from MRERF and IPA do just that!

When your association belongs to MRERF they get a $300 discount off the public price of CPMR tuition. In 2015, the discounts will also apply to CSP and MBP.

When your members participate in our programs, they gain tools and skills to improve their business. Improving business keeps them as long standing members of your association. Long standing members of your association share the good news about the value of your association.

Your industry is filled with smart people. Give them smart programming and you will be their hero!


Apply to join MRERF

Applicants must be a non-profit and work with independent manufacturers representatives, their manufacturers or channel partners.
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MRERF Renewal

The easy way to renew your membership and make changes. (form coming soon)

provides many resources for both sides of the manufacturer and rep relationship. Our goal is to improve the relationship through professional development, awareness and communication.

To that effect, we have the following resources:

OutsourcingFieldSales is a good primer if you are new to using reps or have someone in your firm who has not used reps before.

To understand the true cost of a sales force click here for a spreadsheet of all the categories and accounts, which when using reps are covered by “commissions paid”.

You know the value a rep brings and you are ready to interview some…if only you knew where to find CPMR graduates! Click here to search our database of CPMR graduates.  

Interviewing Guidelines is a good conversation starter. Described by one manufacturer as “obnoxiously exhaustive” we believe it gets the ball rolling. Asking questions before entering the relationship helps you avoid some pitfalls. There is a whole page of questions to ASK and a whole page of questions to be prepared to ANSWER.

Passport_into_the_Territory is a tool for planning territory visits. We encourage a 30 day planning window. What customers? What purpose? Remembering, of course, that reps are your cost-effective sales solution because you share them with other manufacturers, it is expected that they will focus on your product while you are there, as well as ask about other manufacturers.

Planning The Business Year is an annual conversation starter. Our goals and priorities change, yet we do not always communicate them. This tool helps remind you that well-communicated goals are more likely to be reached.

If you have other tools that you would like, but cannot find, ask us!