New to reps?

Independent manufacturers representatives are a cost-effective way to get your products to market. Do you already know about reps? If not, read this article on Outsourcing Field Sales. Reps become your technical sales force. They are your face in the field.

Independent reps cover the cost of sales and are paid on commission. Manufacturers do not always factor in all the items associated with direct sales. Compare the chart of accounts used when using reps vs direct sales using our spreadsheet called Comparing_Real_Costs_of_direct_vs_outsourced_sales (downloads to your computer).

When you are preparing to interview reps, use the Interviewing Guidelines from MRERF to get the conversation started.
Who will you interview? We suggest you interview Certified Professional Manufacturers Representatives (CPMR) graduates. They have taken the time to earn the CPMR designation and value it enough to maintain it annually. Click here to search our database of CPMR graduates.