Already use reps?

Have you seen the Interviewing Guidelines from MRERF? It is a good way to start the conversation with a new business partner.

Search our database to see if your reps are graduates of CPMR. Reps that earn the CPMR designation tell us they come into the program as a salesperson in business and they leave as a businessperson in sales.

CPMR graduates make better business partners because they have additional tools and information that other reps do not. They also have a cross-industry network of contacts to learn about trends that may soon surface in your industry. Learn more about CPMR with this link. Share CPMR with your rep network.

Manufacturers can strengthen their rep network when they improve their own skills. Our two-day workshop does just that. In the Manufacturer’s Best Practices (MBP) program you will interact with manufacturers in multiple industries that face the same problems you face. Sharing best practices saves you money, time and frustration.