Continuing education and Annual Renewal

To pay your annual fee please scroll down to the Renew button below.To maintain your professional designation you need to do three things:1. Adhere to the code of ethics. Click here to review CPMR code and click here to review CSP code. 

2. Report continuing education (below)

3. Submit the annual renewal fee (below)

Report continuing ed

  • Please use the spaces below to submit your CEUs. If you have a CEU form you can upload it on this page as well.

List of conferences and hours available

AIM/R 2017 – Seattle, WA (18 available hours)
PTRA 2017 – Palm Springs, CA ( 7.5 available hours)


AIM/R 2015 – New Orleans (12 available hours)
PTRA 2015 – (11.25 available hours)
AIM/R 2014 – Lake Tahoe (14.20 available hours)
CEMRA 2014 – Montreal (6.75 available hours)
HIRA 2014 – Cleveland, OH (10.50 available hours)
MAFSI 2014 – Palm Beach (16.50 available hours)
PEI 2014 – Las Vegas (13.00 available hours)
PTRA 2014 – Bernalillo (10.00 available hours)
AIM/R 2013 – Albuquerque (12.5 available hours)
CMA-CMC 2013 – Nashville (18.5 available hours)
EMDA 2013 – Indianapolis (3.5 available hours)
ERA 2013 – Chicago (18.75 availble hours)
HIRA 2013 – Ft. Lauderdale (16.5 available hours)
IAPD 2013 – Miami (16.5 available hours)
IPRO 2013 – Ft. Lauderdale (15.75 available hours)
ISA 2013 – San Diego (9.25 available hours)
PEI 2013 – Atlanta (13.75 available hours)
PTRA 2013 – Puerto Rico (13 available hours)
AIM/R  2012 – Boston (15 available hours)
EMDA 2012  – Jacksonville, FL (4.5 available hours)
IAPD 2012 (10.5 available hours)
PTRA 2012 (8.25 available hours)
AIM/R 2011 (13.5 available hours)
ERA 2011 (23.75 available hours)
FSMA Top2Top 2011  (17 available hours)
IPRO 2011 (17.5 available hours)


AIM/R 2010 (18.75 available hours)
HIRA 2010 (15.5 available hours)
IAPD 2010 (7.5 available hours)
MRA 2010 (7.5 available hours)
NEMRA 2010 (7 available hours)

What counts for continuing ed

Classroom or meeting session time led by an instructor and/or discussion leader
Attending CSP (24 hours in one fell swoop and get awesome skills and tools, to boot…click here to enroll)
Serving as a program evaluator for CPMR or CSP
Product training (CSP graduates only)
Field trips, projects and assignments, which are an integral part of a course or program
Presenting a seminar or program – prep and presentation time
Examples of professional development options are:
Computer classes
Listening or creating podcasts
Interactive video
Strategic planning session
On-Line courses (mfg. sessions that are product specific apply only to CSP CEUs)
Business seminars (Skill Path, American Management Assn, etc.)
Small business type seminars (Karras or Fred Pryor seminars, etc.)
Industry conference programs
Association annual conference programs
Trade show programs & seminars
Association conference audio recordings if you are not able to attend
University, college, or junior college courses
Personal improvement seminars
Programs offered by MRERF’s IPA (CPMR 401 Alumni Reunion)
Manufacturer training dealing with markets, product categories, sales, marketing, strategic planning, customer service, motivation, etc. (product specific training only qualifies for CSP graduates)
Best Practices Group programming
Association Chapter meeting programs
Safety programs – product or industry
All NAED learning center coursesYou can also investigate these online resources:
The Winchester Center for Management Development
(use the MRERF discount on all courses by entering the discount code WCMRERF when registering)