Program Details


Salespeople in every industry and segment of the sales process can attend CSP. Reps, brokers, direct sales, distributors, and even sales managers that manage reps. Anyone that calls on customers will leave CSP with sales skills and ways to increase their business.

The CSP curriculum provides participants with a thorough understanding of consultative selling. Being able to find out what the customer needs and how you can meet those needs makes you a valuable resource to your customers.

After three intense, interactive days at CSP you will be more effective, productive and profitable.

Successful students earn the right to use the distinctive CSP designation and gain membership to the Institute for Professional Advancement (IPA), MRERF’s educational subsidiary.

The CSP curriculum includes:

Understanding Personality Traits
Maintaining Positive Attitude
Setting Personal Goals
Managing Stress and Time

Getting Participation
Investigating, Summarizing & Prioritizing
Going Forward

Effective New Business Creation
How to Plan and Conduct Potent Sales Meetings
Developing Presentation Skills
Strategic Territory Planning
Account Management
Business Acumen

*We offer you a money back guarantee that you will find value and ideas for business. Some of our competitors offer you a ll the classes you would want to take for the next year. If you did not like it, why would you want more?

If you are a resident of Canada, the CSP course is available through CPSA. Please contact them for the closest CSP venue. MRERF is the distributor for the Certified Sales Professional program in the United States of America and Mexico.