Certifications and Training

Why become certified?

Professional development builds a better you.

Third party certification increases your professionalism and adds credibility. By sharing a common body of knowledge you not only improve yourself, you improve your industry.  Certified Sales Professional (CSP) is good for  anyone selling anything; Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative (CPMR) is for current or future owners or managers of rep firms; Manufacturer’s Best Practices (MBP) is for manufacturers that work with reps or are considering working with reps. A certification program for manufacturers is coming in 2016. Scroll down to see what each program is all about.

CSP – Certified Sales Professional

There are few requirements to become a salesperson. Frequently, there is little formal sales training. There are always demands on your time and attention. Because your time is valuable, we bring together useful tools to improve your business as soon as you put them into play. One graduate paid for their class and time away with a single order and within two weeks of earning CSP. Brad Long, CPMR CSP points to CSP skills for helping his quadruple his sales commissions in the first eight years of having CSP (see his testimonial here).

CSP graduates leave with renewed enthusiasm and sharpened skills to augment new tools for improved sales success. The CSP designation is clearly one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

  • 86% of Certified Sales Professionals said their professional designation gave them competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Almost two-thirds increased their sales by 15% or more in the time since training for Certification
  • More than two thirds said the CSP designation gave them added prestige in the eyes of customers and prospects
  • 72% rank in the top 25% of sales within their respective organizations
  • 67% (two thirds) have over 10 years of sales experience
  • More than half earn personal annual incomes over $75,000 per year
  • A whopping 93% of CSPs recommend becoming a Certified Sales Professional to others

CPMR® – Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative

The CPMR program is executive education for rep firm owners and managers. Participants invest one week at a time for three separate sessions to gain tools, knowledge and insight into operating a rep firm more effectively and profitably. Many CPMR graduates say that they entered CPMR as a salesperson  in business and left as a businessperson in sales. Click here to read comments from CPMR candidates and graduates.

During the three years of CPMR programming, participants create an international network of colleagues  in diverse industries. They acquire a common body of knowledge and mutual ethical standards. Reaching beyond a single industry and across borders CPMR identifies individuals that are committed to being on the leading edge.

Since 1989, the Foundation has offered money back to anyone that was not satisfied with their experience in CPMR 101. The biggest complaint we get about CPMR is “Why didn’t you make me start sooner?!”

Still have questions? Call us at 303.463.1801 or use this link to find a CPMR near you,  buy them a cup of coffee and ask about their experience. You will not be disappointed.

MBP – Manufacturer’s Best Practices

Manufacturers are oftentimes left out in the cold. They get a lot of product training and information on factory policies, but what information are they given about managing a network of independent manufacturers representatives? Very little! That is where MBP steps in. Two days filled with dozens of ideas, tools and resources to help you build a stronger rep network or create it from scratch. At MBP you will meet manufacturers from other industries and hear unique solutions to your common problems.

January of 2016 is our target date for the first year of our certification program for factory sales managers. Both national and regional sales managers are interested in adding to their skills. This multi-year program will provide skills and tools needed to manage, strengthen and grow relationships with reps. Want to be kept in the loop about this program? Sign up for our updates here.