What is IPA?

IPA is the Institute for Professional Advancement. It is the certifying body that implements professional development programs from MRERF.  Current IPA programs are CPMR (Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative), CSP (Certified Sales Professional) and MBP (Manufacturer’s Best Practices for working with reps). And, when our certification program for regional and national sales managers becomes available, IPA will have that one, too (expected inaugural program is January 2016).

IPA has synergistic programs to educate all segments of the sales channel partners. Creating a common body of knowledge elevates each profession and improves business relationships between them. Better business relationships create better business results.

The Institute for Professional Advancement is an Illinois 501(c)(6) Corporation. You can read the IPA bylaws here. 

IPA Membership

Members of IPA are graduates of CPMR and CSP. To vote or hold office the graduate’s certification must be current.

IPA Board

Candidates for the IPA board are vetted for professionalism and interest in improving the programs IPA offers. Click on each person to read their LinkedIn profile.

Larry Benner CPMR – 1 year term
Steve Goldschmidt CPMR CSP – 2 year term
Scott Shannon CPMR – 2 year term
Steve Ludwig CPMR  – 2 year term
Eric Garrington CPMR CSP – 2 year term