I want to hear from YOU

Please consider this a personal invitation to contact me and let me know how MRERF is working for you OR what you need from MRERF going forward.  We are only as good together as we are in collaboration with each other in our community.

Do take a moment and ask me a question, share a story about MRERF, or let me know what is going on in your industry that we could help with.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Liz Beerman, Executive Director IPA/MRERF


IPA (Institute for Professional Advancement) takes the task of collecting and assessing cutting edge research in our field, very seriously.  Our member associations depend on us to be a viable resource from which they can gain information to help direct them in their strategic direction going forward.

MRERF, as the creative energy behind IPA, uses the research to update classes, add new activities within current classes and deliver value to the field through the addition of new classes, certifications, association panel participation, presentations, and media specific to graduates defined interests and requests.