MRERF/IPA – First Half, 2016

1. To uncover what our associations and their memberships are asking for,

  • We have sent a survey to Manufacturers through the generous participation of our partners:
  • Objective: What are the challenges facing manufacturers today?
  • Results will be made available in our July newsletter
  • Analysis of the results will guide updates to current MRERF classes and creation of new classes

If you are a manufacturer, would YOU like to take the survey? Here is the link to copy and paste in your browser:
2. A second survey is slated for June and will focus on commission structures and challenges from                the rep perspective. Thank you to Charley Cohon, CPMR, MANA, CEO and President for                              conversations that initiated this extremely timely event.

3. Class Updates are in full force across the board.

  • CPMR (Certified Professional Manufacturers’ Reps)
    The objective and value of CPMR continues to focus on enabling rep firms to develop strong, viable businesses, and succession planning in the midst of the 21st century economic and global manufacturing, distribution and sales challenges.
  • CSP (Certified Sales Professional)
    While it continues to attract a wide audience from a multitude of industries, CSP is due for a “cosmetic” upgrade based on the introduction of a case study that would increase student ability to apply the course tools.
  • MBP (Manufacturers’ Best Practices)
    • Focus on uncovering and implementing best practices in using the rep sales model, regardless of industry
    • Allow manufacturers who are either new to the rep business model or are considering engaging with reps, an opportunity to better understand the business pattern and expectations.
    • The updated class is scheduled for introduction in the Fall, 2016 in Orlando. We invite Manufacturers to join us! Here is the link:

4. New Classes

  • CPSM. (Certified Professional Sales Manager)
    Objective is a certification class focused specifically on sales management; both manufacturers and rep firms, in the rep business model. This class will rely on information uncovered from a variety of sources and interviews already conducted as well as analysis of the Manufacturers’ Survey.
  • Inside Sales Online Training. We have been asked by numerous associations to consider creating an online, “cafeteria style”, inside sales focused online program. These modules would be delivered in individual 1 hour sessions.

The idea in the works, is to cover a wide breadth of topics enabling managers and inside sales people to pick and choose the classes they want and need, based on individual current and developing skill sets