An open letter from Liz Beerman, Executive Director to the MRERF Community.

How are you handling the monumental roadblocks and barricades facing us in business today? How are you impacting both your top and bottom lines?

For most of us, this isn’t our “first rodeo” and we have never seen the likes of an election cycle, world turmoil, weather disasters, and business anomalies, that fill our evening news. There isn’t a newscaster or pollster out there who doesn’t continue to ride the sensationalist waves that cause us to question our world, our nation, our industries and their leaders, our communities, and those who will be taking over the legacies that we leave.

I will contend that having an active, dynamic, collaborative community is our best defense when we feel that the horizon is getting increasingly more ominous.

The Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation was established on just such a premise. Sometimes however, the conversation today pits those who support our collective institutions built on mutual industry challenges, shared creativity and resources AGAINST those who insist that individuality and entitlements are the only path to growth and wealth.

Who are you leaning on and learning from today? MRERF and our industry partners continue to stand ready to work with you, support industry endeavors, and create resources that will bring you value and increase your profitability.

So what has MRERF done for you lately?